Side Effects

As a military family, we’ve been inoculated against all sorts of dread diseases. We remember experiencing fevers, chills, and aches after some of those vaccinations. The COVID shots are a walk in the park by comparison, and I hope people aren’t avoiding getting the vaccine over concerns about side effects.

Speaking of Cancel Culture …

Call me a cancel culture warrior, but when it comes to Armed Forces Network broadcasting right-wing propaganda to American troops stationed overseas, or the constant airing of Fox News on common area TVs on military bases and posts here at home, I want that shit stopped.

A Royal Pain

I hate to say it, but the Trumps seem like they’d scratch the itch so many Americans seem to have for a royal family of our own. They don’t do anything useful, they’re nasty to one another, and they provide at least as much scandal and entertainment as the Winsors provide the Brits.