Wheels on the Wagon Go Round & Round

It seems the Ayn Rand libertarians were right all along: if you drown government in a bathtub, private enterprise and the invisible hand of the market will step in to maintain order and public safety (insert sarcasm emoji here).

A Royal Pain

I hate to say it, but the Trumps seem like they’d scratch the itch so many Americans seem to have for a royal family of our own. They don’t do anything useful, they’re nasty to one another, and they provide at least as much scandal and entertainment as the Winsors provide the Brits.

Glass Doors and Class Wars

Our remodeling project continues* with yesterday’s installation of new patio doors in the living room and master bedroom. *I know I said at one time the remodeling project would be done with the installation of these doors, but Donna hopes to replace the rest of our windows sometime next year, so there’ll be no more […]

Line o’ Succession

Speaking of hopes, I pray the speaker of the house is taking extraordinary precautions against contracting coronavirus, or at least more stringent ones than the members of the executive branch have up to now. Jesus, what a shitshow!