Friday Bag o’ News

I thought I’d given up on Jack Reacher novels. Lee Child quit writing them four installments back, passing the torch to his younger brother Andrew. Andrew is not Lee, and some of the oomph went out of the stories, which began to feel like an artificial intelligence was cranking them out. But I couldn’t resist […]

You Can’t Read That! Banned Books Week

October is Banned Books Month. The first week, October 1-7, is Banned Books Week. Am I sensing a theme here? I started the first day of Banned Books Week with a New York Times op-ed titled This Is Why I Hate Banned Books Week, a recap of the tired talking points book banners spew forth […]

You Can’t Read That! Banned Book Review: Tricks

Tricks, the 98th most-banned book in the USA between the years 2010 and 2019, jumped to 3rd place in 2022, a year when book challenges, censorship, and bannings mounted at a unprecedented pace.