Baghdad Bob & Other Hot takes

Lately, I’ve been keeping an eye on the Great Awakening message board. Not because I want to read that shit, but because I suspect there’s a QAnon angle behind ongoing culture war attacks on books, teachers, and librarians, which I try to stay abreast of in my You Can’t Read That! banned book posts.

Speaking of Cancel Culture …

Call me a cancel culture warrior, but when it comes to Armed Forces Network broadcasting right-wing propaganda to American troops stationed overseas, or the constant airing of Fox News on common area TVs on military bases and posts here at home, I want that shit stopped.

A Night in the Fever Swamp (Updated & Clarified)

Rather than roll over and accept that some of our fellow humans, equipped with brains at least biologically similar to yours and mine, can smell smoke and think it means there’s an iceberg nearby, or listen to Trump’s third-grade schoolyard taunts and hear a fourth-dimensional chess master at work, I trust my own powers of observation.

Alternative Facts

I rode 12 miles with our bicycle Hash House Harrier group on Sunday. It was my first bicycle hash since a knee replacement in July. Despite hours on the stationary bike at the gym and fairly frequent but short bike rides with our friends Mary Anne and Darrell, my knee is still stiff, sore, and […]

Friday Bag o’ You Know What

Mr. B snagged a pound of hamburger off the edge of the kitchen counter and snarfed it down—including the plastic wrapping. That was a week and a half ago. He didn’t eat for 24 hours. His poops, over the next two or three days, had us wondering if we should call the vet, but he’s back to normal […]