Conventional Wisdom, or What Passes for It

The conventional wisdom, once the dust from the 2020 elections settled, was that a 50-50 Senate, with just the vice president’s vote to break ties in the Democrat’s favor, wouldn’t be able to dump the filibuster, nor pass progressive legislation.

I Want to Drive My Cybertruck

I don’t know if Trump will resign (even if he’s impeached, he certainly won’t be convicted, so giving up à la Nixon is the best we can hope for), but if he does we’ll have Pence, and if Pence has his way we’ll have Gilead. Atwood is a timely read, to say the least.

Alternative Facts

I rode 12 miles with our bicycle Hash House Harrier group on Sunday. It was my first bicycle hash since a knee replacement in July. Despite hours on the stationary bike at the gym and fairly frequent but short bike rides with our friends Mary Anne and Darrell, my knee is still stiff, sore, and […]

El Tour es Muy Bueno

It’s El Tour de Tucson day and we’re housebound, at least until all but the stragglers pedal past our neighborhood. The only way out requires crossing the tour route, which’ll be blocked to car traffic for a while yet. The stragglers, who’ll be about 25 miles into their 100+ mile route as they pass our street, would probably welcome being run over, but I’m not […]

Motorcycle Maintenance, Part Umpty-Squat

My friend Ed’s training a young protégé in the art and discipline of motorcycle maintenance. What are they practicing on? My Goldwing. Here are Ed and Matthew draining and cleaning my left fork before installing new seals and filling it back up with fluid: I mentioned in a previous post that the seals on the left fork […]