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Loudoun Co. Parent Says She’s Getting More Threats after Speaking at School Board Meeting

You can read the report, prepared by an ABC affiliate in the Washington D.C. area, from one end to the other and learn absolutely nothing about why the woman is getting death threats. Did she speak up for gay and trans students? Did she protest book banning? And what about the group she says threatened her? Are they MAGA Nazis or what?

Huh. Turns out, on further digging, it’s the threatened woman who’s the MAGAt; members of the group she accuses of making threats are the defenders of books and gay kids and trans rights. I discovered this because the report included the name of the group, the Loudon Love Warriors, which it said had a Facebook page, which I of course looked up. It’s either a hidden page or has since been deleted, because I can’t find it, but take a look at the shit my Facebook search does find (complete w/sics)!

Conservative parents targeted again by violent Left group in Loudon County, Virginia.

A group of Marxists in a secret face-book group called Loudon Love Warriors in Loudon County VA were threatening to murder and cause harm to parents speaking against the Loudon County School system policies.

A group that call themselves Loudon County Love Warriors out of Virginia that have a few members on the board of education are threatening to kill parents, cause them to lose their jobs if they continue their anti lgbt stance in the school district.

The “Loudon Love Warriors”. Read up on them. It’s pretty disgusting. But for some reason you NEVER read about left wing hate groups. I wonder why.

ABC7 News exclusively revealed this week that the group, ironically named the “Loudon Love Warriors,” has threatened violence to the point of threatening to kill the courageous parents for speaking out.

Look up the Loudon Love Warriors. They want to kill parents who stand up in school board meetings. And it’s a democrat (of course!) group.

Every single post my Facebook search turns up is anti-Loudon Love Warriors, some to the point of hysteria, all citing the same TV station I linked to above. Which station, I learn from the fine print at the bottom of its website, is owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Does it seem odd to you that a Facebook search on the name of this group produces only negative reports? It seems odd to me. And it makes me think the whole thing, from the ABC7 report to the attacks on what appears to be a mythical group of antifa black hats, is pure MAGA propaganda, made up from start to finish (with willing help from Facebook).

A friend sent a link to this report by CNN:

How GOP Attacks on ‘Wokeism’ Helped Lead the Pentagon to Abandon Its Effort to Combat Extremism in the Military.

God. Where are the General Foglemans when we need ’em?

Who’s General Fogleman, you ask? He was my commander during my first F-15 assignment. He went on to attain four-star rank and serve as the U.S. Air Force’s chief of staff and a member of the Joint Chiefs. In the wake of the Khobar Towers bombing in 1996, the Clinton administration went searching for a scapegoat, and settled on Brigadier General Terryl J. Schwalier, at the time of the bombing the senior U.S. commander in Saudi Arabia. Schwalier had repeatedly requested funds to secure Khobar Towers against terrorist attacks, only to be rebuffed by the same senior administration officials who now wanted to hang him. General Fogleman, who may well have been next in line to be CJCS, stepped down rather than participate in this gutless political charade. I wonder how he would have reacted to “GOP attacks” on his policies. I’d like to think he would have ignored them and pressed ahead.

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, military leadership could have easily addressed a major source of extremist agitation targeting Americans troops: the airing of Fox News on public area televisions at military installations at home and abroad, and the airing of right wing hate radio, specifically Rush Limbaugh, on the Armed Forces Radio Network serving U.S. troops stationed overseas. I asked them to myself, over and over, in letters to my local base commander, the USAF chief of staff, and the chairman of the JCS. At one point then-Congresswoman Gabby Giffords joined my cause, sending a letter of her own to the CJCS. Military “leadership” then was as chickenshit as it is now. Nothing happened. It would have been as easy as flipping a switch. But it might have been unpopular. Jesus Christ.

It’s way too late to flip that switch now. Troops can read, listen to, and watch all the extremist grooming they want with their cell phones. Leadership looked the other way when they could have done something, and it’s no surprise to learn they’re still averting their gaze, hoping it’ll just go away.

Couple of weeks back I posted a question on r/AskReddit:

People who blur out license plates in photos, why?

It’s always bothered me that so many of y’all do this. It’s like you think you’re legally required to do it or something, when in fact you’re not. Think about it for a second: your license plate is visible to anyone and everyone. If I wanna look up your address or criminal record or whatever, all I have to do is look at your plate as you drive by. I don’t need a photo to do it!

But! Have you ever tried looking up a plate number? Unless you’re law enforcement, you’re not gonna learn anything about the person the plate’s issued to. All you’re gonna get is the vehicle brand and VIN#, information you can also get just by looking at the car in question.

And there’s this: a widespread belief that it’s against the law to take photos of certain things. A belief that seems to be rooted in the passage of “homeland defense” legislation after 9/11. But it’s not true. Photography is legal, at least in the United States (no matter what cops & cop-lovers tell you). To quote the ACLU:

When in public spaces where you are lawfully present you have the right to photograph anything that is in plain view. That includes pictures of federal buildings, transportation facilities, and police. Such photography is a form of public oversight over the government and is important in a free society.

So back to my question on Reddit … here’s what some of y’all said:

Identity protection? Why is this even a question?

Protection, theirs and mine. If I post a video of a car license plate, you could look up where they live and guess the general whereabouts of where I live.

I don’t want interpol knowing who I’m hanging out with.

It’s creeping fascism, is what it is, and a whole lot of y’all seem to welcome it. Well, it ain’t my job to blur out your license plate if I happen to post a photo of your car, and I’m damned if I’m gonna do it. You wanna post photos of my plate? Be my guest!

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