Tuesday Bag o’ Trouble

Whenever black Americans take to the streets over police brutality and killings, racist email forwards follow. Over the past week I’ve gotten two, both claiming the media ignores black on white crime out of political correctness. What world do these people live in? Since when has the press ignored black on white crime? I think […]


Friday Bag o’ Dog Years

Both hummingbird chicks have flown away. The bicycle hook nest is empty. A friend told me new chicks sometimes come back to the nest at first. We observed that with one of the chicks from an earlier hummingbird nest in June. I remember thinking, “Surely that bird should have learned to fly by now,” and […]


Summer Cold Icumen In, Lhude Sing Goddamm

Woke up two days ago somehow aware of my nasal cavity. My goodness, the inside of my head is full of strangely-shaped passages and sinuses, I thought. That awareness was a sign; sure enough, as the day progressed, the recesses and folds inside my head became hot, then itchy, then sore.

Not a week ago […]