Floor Show, Side Show, Car Show

Normally, when I go to a car show, I put up a stand-alone photoblog. But I’m becoming less enamored with Tucson’s first big show of the season, the annual Tucson Classics Car Show held on the grounds of the Gregory School, so I’m incorporating some photos into this post instead.

Here Be Bitmojis

I joined a closed Facebook community called “A Group Where We Pretend to be Boomers.” As you’d expect, members are baby boomers who make fun of themselves by posting as if they don’t understand the first thing about computers, email, the internet, and social media. To me, that’s more of a “greatest generation” thing, but I do know boomers my age who fit the stereotype well. But hey, isn’t Facebook mostly a boomer thing anyway? Aren’t all the youngsters on Snapfilter or whatever?

Tuesday Bag o’ Normalcy

If I had a rant in me this morning, I’d lay into NPR for its slavish commitment to normalizing Trump, arguably not the worst unelected occupant of the White House (George W. Bush still has that distinction IMO), but certainly the most abnormal.