April 2014
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Friday Bag o’ Taco Fixin’s

Sometimes I feel I’m neglecting this blog, which is one of the reasons I’m posting about another mixed bag of subjects today. Why the taco theme? Well, that’s because tacos are the first item in today’s bag!

Everyone’s getting excited over aerial drone deliveries again, and I’m here to piss on the dream. Ever since [...]


Monday Bag o’ Vapors

It’s Monday, time for another mixed bag of topics I want to address before I forget about them, but which taken alone don’t rate blog posts of their own.


My daughter switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes about a year ago. We never let her smoke in our house, but one day [...]


Tuesday Bag o’ Pain

I’ve had a sore back for a month and it’s showing no signs of getting better. The pain is in the saddle of the lower back. I think it’s the bed. But it could be back cancer for all I know. The doctor says it’s because I’m fat. I bit my tongue and accepted my [...]


Thursday Bag o’ Boob Tubery

“You know the good cop/bad cop routine in every police procedural ever? Now imagine Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly as the cops.” [...]


The Trail Trash Ride Again

Getting back on a bicycle was one of my main goals following knee replacement surgery. Between the surgery in early February and my motorcycle trip in early May, I put in a lot of time on the stationary bike at the local gym, but managed to get in only one short ride, that in late [...]


Thursday Bag o’ Godlessness

A friend visited last night and talked us into streaming a couple of episodes of Saving Grace, a cable TV series that ran from 2007 to 2010. We’d never seen it and our friend gave it rave reviews, so I found it on Amazon Prime and we settled in to watch. I loved the lead [...]


Tuesday Bag o’ Knees

Proving once again that you can find anything with Google image search, here is a literal bag o’ knees.

So what shall we blog about today? Knees, maybe? Yes, knees. I spent the weekend doing normal things: normal as in the kinds of things people with normal knees do. Walking and riding my motorcycle, mostly. [...]


Our Bike to Beer Morning

Our friend Martha, a local bicycling and community activist, organizes an annual ride called Bike to Beer. The purpose of the ride is to cycle through parts of Tucson where residents are trying to build better neighborhoods, stopping to look at and discuss watershed management, urban farming, recycling, and traffic calming projects. The ride ends [...]