October 2014
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Thursday Bag o’ Statuary

Ugh, relatives in the heartland. Again. I unfriend out & out racists when they reveal themselves on Facebook, unless they’re kin (I did unfriend a nephew, but it was over animal cruelty). In the wake of Michael Brown’s murder in Ferguson and the protests that followed, some of my relatives have started sharing white supremacist [...]


Sanity Check

I needed reassurance that the Bundy Ranch and Murrieta types are a marginal minority, and Rachel Maddow gave it to me. [...]


I’m a Slow Learner, But I’m Getting There

You can’t argue with people who are motivated by spite. [...]


You Can’t Read That!

You Can’t Read That! is a periodic post featuring banned book reviews and news roundups.

YCRT! News & Commentary:

Happy news from Sierra Vista, Arizona: Dreaming in Cuban, mentioned in my last YCRT! post, will not be banned after all.

Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere removed from Alamogordo NM high school after parental complaint. [...]


Going Nuclear

After the Newton school shooting I posted a couple of tweets using the hashtag #FuckTheNRA. When I originally set up my Twitter account I foolishly checked the box that allowed other users to contact me by email. I’ve now fixed that, but not before the gun nuts found me. The pro-mass murder emails I’ve been [...]


Another Bag o’ Friday Happiness

Hey, I may not drink any more, but I still know what TGIF means to most Americans! And I can still dream (sob).

I feel like frying some fish filets tonight: catfish, red snapper, tilapia, whatever catches my eye. Good bread and a green vegetable to serve on the side, maybe Swiss chard … something [...]


What Fire?

Reference yesterday’s post, a conservative friend on Facebook asks where all this racism is … he’s never seen any.

Sorry, couldn’t resist responding to the comment. You know, though, you hear this on the right, and you hear it a lot. What racism? We’re not racists! Don’t you dare call us racists! We love [...]


Playing with Fire

Sometimes I update my Facebook profile picture with ones I’ve manipulated at Photofunia.com. Like this:

People enjoy these photos and often comment on them. This one, which I put up on Tuesday, the first day of the Republican convention in Tampa, drew several remarks, including one from a black friend who said: “Is Obama [...]