Thursday Bag o’ Post-Racial America

rhodesia bagMan. This church shooting in South Carolina. This white guy. Whose middle name is Storm (as in Stormtrooper or Stormfront?). Who sported an apartheid-era Rhodesian flag on his windbreaker. Who (but of course!) was given a gun for his 21st birthday.

Pardon me if I roll my eyes the next time someone tells me everything’ll be fine once the last old white racist passes on.

Well, at least they caught this one. Now they can ship his terrorist ass to Guantanamo, right? Right?

Rhodesia? Jesus Christ.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Bag o’ Post-Racial America

  • Ian Smith would have been proud to see that the fight goes on and led by someone who wasn’t even born when Rhodesia was Rhodesia.

  • This will be an unpopular comment but there is a difference between hate crimes and terrorism and keeping the two as distinct crimes is relevant. What I can’t understand is the objecting to blacks in the US – it is not as if they hired the boats and swarmed over. Everyone knows that their ancestors were brought against their will to the US (and other colonies) by whites in a shameless chapter of world history.

  • Jeanne, I agree there’s a difference between hate crimes and terrorism, but this one is clearly terrorism. He didn’t just kill nine black people because he hates blacks; he’s admitted he wants to start a race war, the end of which will be an all-white society in the USA. That elevates it to hate PLUS a clear political/social agenda, no different from Muslims attacking Christians not just because they hate Christians but because they also want to bring the West down and establish a caliphate.

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