Sunday Bag o’ Birds

Five years ago I photoblogged the birth of two hummingbirds. The mother had built her nest on a storage hook hanging from a support beam underneath our patio overhang. Donna and I would watch her through the sliding screen door to the patio, then dash out to check on her eggs whenever she flew off. […]

Lamestream Thinking

I was noshing on a dumpling at my favorite cheap Chinese buffet yesterday when I heard a woman’s voice saying “that’s what you’ll hear on the lamestream media.” I looked up, expecting to see Sarah and Rush sitting at the next table. No such luck. It was just some normal, totally-not-famous middle-aged Tucson lady sharing […]

How Many Personalities Does One Person Need?

I write three blogs, and it’s a bit like having multiple personalities. Okay, not really. But sort of. Anyway, I mentioned on one of my other blogs that I had to miss an event because of the bicycle race I volunteered to help out with last weekend, linking to a post on this blog. One […]

Monday Snow Sleet Sneet Blogging

So how’s the weather? Actually bad, for a welcome change. When Tucsonans complain about the weather, we’re usually griping about scattered to broken clouds, and, once in a great while, rain — weather that would be innocuous anywhere else, so don’t pay us no never-mind.  When it snows, we act like the Apocalypse is at […]

He’s Still on Armed Forces Radio?

First of all, I apologize for the blogging slowdown. Over the weekend the fan in the back of my CPR started howling; Monday I took it into the shop to have a new one installed.  They’re running behind and I may not have my computer back for a few days yet.  I’m posting this from […]

Minion of the Great Orange Satan

I decided to become a Daily Kos diarist (or, as my conservative friends will say, a minion of the Great Orange Satan).  I started with a diary entry about the confiscation and banning of books in the Tucson Unified School District, put together from two recent posts here on Paul’s Thing (here and here). Only […]