Monday Snow Sleet Sneet Blogging

So how’s the weather? Actually bad, for a welcome change.

Winter's last gasp

When Tucsonans complain about the weather, we’re usually griping about scattered to broken clouds, and, once in a great while, rain — weather that would be innocuous anywhere else, so don’t pay us no never-mind.  When it snows, we act like the Apocalypse is at hand.  Today’s whatever-it-is, not exactly snow and not exactly hail, has everyone in a tizzy, but it probably signals the arrival of spring.

The weather was so crummy yesterday — cold, rainy, and windy — we cancelled our bicycle hash.  There’ve been a couple of occasions where so few people showed up the hare and the pack gave up on the idea of a trail and just rode around together, but yesterday was the first time we actually cancelled.  Everyone who isn’t working is hunkered down at home.  Like me.  Chicken soup sounds good.  Wish I had some.

I cross-posted another aviation entry to my diary at Daily Kos, a copy of Saturday’s entry about the Lockheed P-80, America’s first operational jet fighter.  It’s amazing how many aviation buffs have responded to it — over 100 comments in two days, and they’re still coming.  I think I’ve found an audience for my half-baked write-ups.  Several dKos commenters appear to know what they’re talking about, so I’ll have to be careful what I say from now on.

I ought to tell my volunteer supervisors at the air museum I’m writing about historical aircraft and related subjects.  I tried to broach the subject a few weeks ago by telling a fellow volunteer I blogged.  The sideways look he gave me suggested he thought blogging was something best kept to one’s self, like onanism.   Since then I’ve kept a low profile.

If the museum cottons to the fact I’m writing about airplanes and flying, they’ll either hate it or love it.  Why would they hate it?  Because I have opinions on things outside aviation.  Once they read my blog they’ll realize I’m some sort of crazed lefty, likely to start a sit-in or riot at the drop of a hat.  My fear, though, is that they’ll love finding a volunteer who also likes to write — and start leaning on me for articles.

The cloud cover is breaking up over the Santa Catalinas, and I’m seein’ plenty o’ snow on them thar peaks.  Good.  Maybe it’ll stop spitting snow, sleet, and rain in time for tonight’s downtown walk — the doggies and I need some exercise.

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