Saturday Bag o’ Brexit

Q, our grandson, has been here the past week, bunking in our home office. I barged in this morning to check email and update the blog. While I was at it, we took a selfie. It’s been a domestic week, watching young people’s stuff on TV (Battlebots, which was too frenetic to endure; Zootopia, clever […]

An Editor, an Editor, My Kingdom for an Editor

I finished my first real ebook yesterday.  Wait a minute, I hear you saying, you’ve been using an electronic reader for more than a year now and must have read a lot of ebooks.  True, but this time I’m talking about a dedicated ebook, published through Amazon and offered as a $2.99 Kindle download.  The […]

Back on the Bike, Grab Bag in Hand

I’m insanely jealous of a friend in Marin County who got serious about bicycling this year and lost all kinds of weight.  So insanely jealous that I actually got on my bicycle this morning and rode 8.5 miles.  A few months ago, before the summer heat descended upon Tucson, I’d been riding two to three […]

Tuesday Bag o’ Links

How’s that Nook e-reader I got for my birthday last year working out?  Glad you asked.  Over the past year my reading has been about 25% Nook, 75% book (I keep a record of the books I’ve read, and I actually counted).  That strikes me as about right: e-books cost money and library books are […]

Martians on Motorcycles, Elizabeth Taylor, Eagles & Strike Eagles (Updated)

I’m packing for a motorcycle trip to Nevada and Utah, tomorrow through Monday.  In Las Vegas I’ll stay with a friend, visit with the kids and grandkids, and take some day rides around southern Nevada; on Sunday my son and I are going on an all-day out & back ride to southwestern Utah, with Gregory […]

Light Monday Bloggage: Quarters & Typos

Donna saves change in a decorative wooden box, which I’m raiding this morning for quarters.  It’s take-the-motorcycle-to-the-car-wash day.  I’m going on a cross-country ride to Nevada and Utah later this week, and it just wouldn’t feel right to start a big trip on a dirty bike. I read somewhere that the coin-op car wash industry […]