Distance, Please (Updated)

Maybe we should come up with a standardized personal space reminder phrase, something along the lines of “Distance, please.” You know, like skiers and bicyclists with their “On your left,” like the French with their “bonjours,” like that one friend we all have with his “You gonna eat those fries?”

Birds, Bikes, & Bands

Friday, 13 days after it hatched, one of our hummingbird chicks left the nest. I think I saw it go … as I walked underneath the nest that afternoon I saw something fly away out of the corner of my eye. I thought at first it was the mother, but when I looked up at the nest only […]

Back on the Bike, Grab Bag in Hand

I’m insanely jealous of a friend in Marin County who got serious about bicycling this year and lost all kinds of weight.  So insanely jealous that I actually got on my bicycle this morning and rode 8.5 miles.  A few months ago, before the summer heat descended upon Tucson, I’d been riding two to three […]