I Know What I’m Mad About … Don’t You?

This old-school political cartoon nails it: The media ignored the Occupy Wall Street protest for almost two weeks and only reluctantly began to cover it when it became impossible not to in the wake of YouTube videos of police brutality, and … of far greater importance … the presence of celebrities among the protesters.  Once […]

Our Whorish Media

Hard to read, I know, so here’s what the highlighted sections say: First version, published Saturday 1 Oct at 6:59 PM Eastern: After allowing them onto the bridge, the police cut off and arrested dozens of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators. Revised version, published Saturday 1 Oct at 7:19 PM Eastern: In a tense showdown over […]

Tuesday Bag o’ Links

How’s that Nook e-reader I got for my birthday last year working out?  Glad you asked.  Over the past year my reading has been about 25% Nook, 75% book (I keep a record of the books I’ve read, and I actually counted).  That strikes me as about right: e-books cost money and library books are […]