Thursday Tea Bag

No, I haven’t turned into a teabagger.  This is one of my periodic “bag” posts, a collection of links and short observations that by themselves wouldn’t get a post of their own. ——————– As a motorcycle rider, I’ve always thought there’s something wrong with law enforcement and the courts when it comes to cagers who […]

Friday Bag o’ Fries

Arizona, my Arizona (and you thought I only made fun of the fine folks of Cape Girardeau, Missouri) … the city of Prescott approves a college senior’s project to build a bench in a public park. Among the mosaic tile designs on the bench are a Star of David and a peace symbol. The city […]

Our Whorish Media

Hard to read, I know, so here’s what the highlighted sections say: First version, published Saturday 1 Oct at 6:59 PM Eastern: After allowing them onto the bridge, the police cut off and arrested dozens of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators. Revised version, published Saturday 1 Oct at 7:19 PM Eastern: In a tense showdown over […]