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Uh huh. That’s what I thought, only it looks as if I didn’t know the half of it. If this guy speaks the truth, the NYC SUV driver not only started the confrontation, he did it by swerving into a stream of bikers in another lane and hitting one of them hard enough to knock him off his bike. I’ve been riding since 1964 and have lost count of the times I’ve seen cagers … motorists, to be more polite … pull shit like that. He’s lucky he wasn’t beaten to death.

Also interesting: the emerging story that as many as three off-duty NYC cops were riding with the group of bikers that morning, and reports that one of them participated in the beating. Off duty, NYC cops who ride motorcycles probably feel the same way about the SUV driver, and cagers in general, as I do. On duty, they have to comply with NYPD’s unwritten policy that motorists are allowed to get away with murder.

Oh, and the widely-reported “fact” that the biker group involved in the NYC confrontation was called Hollywood Stuntz? Also bullshit. It’s the vainglorious nickname of an individual biker, who may or may not have organized the ride.

Of course the press will go right on reporting that the Hollywood Stuntz biker gang beats up innocent motorists as part of their on-going terror campaign against decent god-fearing normals. So what else is new?

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