Whinge-Bag Friday

Progress report (or lack thereof): the skin graft isn’t taking. I feared that might be the case, and now the dermatologist has confirmed it. He cut off the top layer, which was scabbed over, yesterday morning. He said we might have to try another. After he left the room I asked the nurse practitioner what […]


Friday Bag o’ Nothing

There’s no bag photo because there’s no bag. I’m free at last!

The antibiotic treatment ended yesterday. The PICC line is out … I watched the nurse pull it out, which was freaky in the extreme … and I’m pretty much back to normal. At physical therapy I’m getting over 120° of bend out of […]


Wednesday Bag o’ Solitude

Well, doesn’t that sound self-serving and dramatic! It’s not nearly as bad as it sounds. Donna left this morning for a five-day sewing expo in Puyallup, Washington. Her greatest concern, leading up to this long-planned trip, was that I’d be okay by myself for a few days. Since my recovery is going so well, I […]