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July 2015
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Another Day, Another Letter

Oh boy, Fox News again. Last Thursday Donna and I drove to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base so she could renew her military identification card. The pass & ID office was packed, and Fox News was playing on the TV in the waiting room.

Yes, military members skew conservative. Yes, many of my colleagues feel Fox […]


Thursday Bag o’ Empty Calories

I saw a commercial for implantable contact lenses on TV last night. If “implantable” means what I think it means, what does “contact” mean? Contacting the inner surface of your eye, looking out? Why not just “implantable lenses”? Sort of a Six Million Dollar Man kind of thing, or am I thinking of The Terminator? […]


You Can’t Read That!

You Can’t Read That! is a periodic post featuring banned book reviews and news roundups.

YCRT! Rant

Legislators in the Kansas Senate are considering a bill that will make it easy for parents and district attorneys to bring legal action against teachers, librarians, and school principals who expose […]


Lying Liars, Etc.

Our national media cannot take a stand on objective fact or truth. It can only pass on what others are saying, and then only what’s said the loudest and most persistently. At this point I don’t seen any possibility that the media can or will or even wants to correct itself. It’s too far gone, too corrupt. […]


Saturday Bag o’ Dumb

Opinion-makers on the right … think stirring up racial resentment will energize the white base and help the GOP win elections. […]


Monday Bag o’ PC

I’ve been thinking about political correctness lately. The legend on the bag says “Political correctness killed soldiers at Ft Hood.” Really?

We all know what happened at Fort Hood in 2009: a single gunman, an Army major serving as a psychiatrist, killed 13 of his fellow troops and injured 30. He was Arab-American and Muslim; […]


Recovery and Physical Therapy

Phase 2 has begun. Wednesday afternoon’s knee surgery was successful and, after three nights in a hospital room, I was allowed to go home Saturday afternoon. Outpatient PT starts tomorrow.

The dogs were glad to see me home again, especially Schatzi, who has always taken a motherly interest in my welfare. She does not approve […]


Thursday Bag o’ Right-Wing Hatred

I should write about our Christmas with the kids in Las Vegas, but when I think of it I’m happy, and as with most things happy, words are slow to come and inadequate when they do. When I see right-wingers getting up to their old shenanigans, on the other hand, I see red and words […]