Cyclovia Videoblog

We took our bicycles downtown Sunday morning to ride in Cyclovia, a twice-yearly ride and street party. We’ve participated in six to date and so far each route’s been different, exposing us to parts of Tucson we don’t normally see. This one started at the old Mexican presidio in the heart of downtown and went […]

Thursday Bag o’ Apple

I finally have an iPhone. My life is now complete: except for Donna’s old Dell desktop (which I never use), every other wirelessly-connected electronic device in the house bears the silhouette of an apple. To some of you, Apple’s trademark may as well be the Mark of the Beast. I’ve been accused of knuckling under to conformity, […]

Tuesday Bag o’ Acorns

Let me see if I’ve got this right. First, Republicans in Congress defund ACORN, the community-based organization that works on behalf of low-income families to improve neighborhood safety, help them obtain health care and affordable housing, and, perhaps most important, get registered to vote. ACORN can’t survive without federal funding, so it closes its doors. […]

The Trail Trash Ride Again

Getting back on a bicycle was one of my main goals following knee replacement surgery. Between the surgery in early February and my motorcycle trip in early May, I put in a lot of time on the stationary bike at the local gym, but managed to get in only one short ride, that in late […]