Global Replace

I plead guilty to blogging too much about my upcoming F-15 presentation at the air museum. You’re surely tired of reading about it. The presentation is this Saturday. I’ll tell you how it went in a blog post afterward, and that’ll be the end of it.

Yesterday, though, as I made a final run-through at home, I discovered typos on my slides. Everywhere I’d meant to use the initials USAFE (United States Air Forces Europe), Air ForceE had replaced it. I quickly realized what had happened: when I first tried speaking from my notes I tripped over USAF, so I substituted Air Force. I used global replace to do it, and of course it changed not only my notes but my slides as well. Thus, USAFE became Air ForceE. I fixed the typos, and this morning asked Donna to review the slides as well. I think they’re error-free now. My notes and speaking points? Probably still full of errors, but good enough. One or two more practice deliveries at home, then the main event Saturday morning.

Speaking of global replace, wouldn’t it be great if we could replace all the poles and elevated wires with underground wiring and fiber optic cable?

Tucson sunset
Tucson sunset (photo: Darrell Durham)

Our friend Darrell took this photo with his iPhone on our walk through downtown Tucson last night. I love the view, but all those wires!

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