Open Windows

I haven’t opened Windows since I got my iMac … no, seriously, I meant to write about actual windows, the kind you open to air out the house when the weather is nice. After months of running it full time, day and night, it’s a treat to turn off the air conditioning. We can feel the house […]

Thursday Bag o’ Apple

I finally have an iPhone. My life is now complete: except for Donna’s old Dell desktop (which I never use), every other wirelessly-connected electronic device in the house bears the silhouette of an apple. To some of you, Apple’s trademark may as well be the Mark of the Beast. I’ve been accused of knuckling under to conformity, […]

Monday Bag of Apples

My old PC started to die a couple of months ago.  As time went on the process accelerated.  I decided it was time for a new difference engine, so I made a fresh backup and went shopping.  While looking at new PCs and trying to sort out what kind of core to order, how much […]

Browser Bugs

Internet Explorer wouldn’t let me use copy/paste to edit the widgets in my sidebar, so I switched to Firefox. What with all the security vulnerabilities hackers keep discovering in IE, I was even happier about switching. Then, yesterday, I reorganized bookmarks and added new ones.  When I started Firefox this morning, the changes had disappeared.  […]