Monday Bag of Apples

My old PC started to die a couple of months ago.  As time went on the process accelerated.  I decided it was time for a new difference engine, so I made a fresh backup and went shopping.  While looking at new PCs and trying to sort out what kind of core to order, how much RAM, how large a hard drive, etc, I felt a tug.  It was my heart, and it was saying “Go Mac, you know you want to.”  My wife, who is always right, said “Follow your heart” (this was right after she said “Jesus Christ, it never stops with you”) and so here I am, trying to master a strange keyboard and learn a new set of keyboard shortcuts.

The only teething issues have been small ones … I haven’t quite got my email set up the way I want it, and for some reason I lost my web browser bookmarks … but all in all I’m happy with my new robot overlord.  It’s really cool how files automatically transfer between the iMac and iPad.  Also scary, and here I’m thinking of the inevitable iBrain implant.  Our new iMac is an all-in-one unit with the computer built into the monitor case.  Very sleek.  I feel quite the yuppie.  Like Griswold’s neighbor, the one with the Bang & Olufsen.

Now to get back on a regular blogging schedule.  Banned book references are piling up; there’s a new historical aircraft article in the works.  The more I blog, the faster I’ll master this thing.

The aloe’s spike is about 16 feet tall now.  It hasn’t yet bloomed, and I have no idea when it will.  It’ll probably make a mess when it does.  When we hiked in the Sonora Desert Sunday the ocotillo was in bloom, but so far none of the cacti … they’ll be along shortly.

No current outrages or interesting links to post this morning.  Instead, I’ll confess to becoming a Game of Thrones groupie.  Having loved the first book I find I love the HBO series as well.  My friend Abby loaned me a boxed DVD set of season #1 so that I can catch up … what’s on TV now, of course, is season #2 … and she told me I should just TIVO all the season #2 shows and watch them after I finish season #1.  I’m afraid I don’t have the discipline for that.  I’ll watch both seasons simultaneously, then catch up with the second book.  Also, while I’m writing about the tube, let me say what fun it was to watch Rachel Maddow last night, when she ran two non-Romney/Santorum segments, one on Syria and one on North Korea.  I was worried she was about to go all horse race/all the time on us.  More news, please, Rachel, less GOP loser candidate crap … there’ll be plenty of time for that after the GOP convention.

Well, I feel I’ve shortchanged you this morning, so here’s a small gallery of the aforementioned:

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