Tuesday Bag o’ Callsigns (Updated 2/5/18)

That leaves Marine One, the callsign used by USMC helicopter crews flying the current president to and from the White House. This is the point of highest danger on my tour, because I refuse to say that president’s name. “Current president” is as close as I come; I have to carefully engage my tongue to my brain lest I blurt out “President Individual One” or something worse.

Friday Bag o’ Remorse

Remorse, yes; major-sin remorse, no. More like mild feelings of guilt for neglecting the blog, and you, my reader. I knew this would happen when I took on a competing writing task, my memoir, which creeps along in the background, one painfully-extracted sentence at a time. The day before yesterday I sent out a Paulgram newsletter. One of the […]

Friday Bag o’ Photobloggery

Post-Thanksgiving, post-anniversary, pre-Christmas. A welcome break, and a chance to catch one’s breath. Mostly thanks to Polly (but I hepped!), our outdoor lights are up. Naturally our neighborhood Griswold decided to one-up everyone by opening a Toyota dealership at his house. Goddamn thing is visible from the highway! About 8:30 PM on the eve of our […]