Neutrality in the Commons

In the 1980s DoD policy forbid airing partisan commentary on common area TVs and radios. CNN, which in those days was a pure news outlet offering around the clock international and domestic reporting, was authorized, and it ran in the background on TV monitors at military command headquarters and the Pentagon. […]



And now, from the personal back to the political (even though my friends like the personal posts better).

Re Trump’s shouty speech: loved this tweet in spite of not knowing what “underpants-gnoming” meant:

Naturally, I looked it up. Google steered me to this video clip, which explains it perfectly:

In the random but disturbing […]


Cable News

My problem is I still think of the primetime MSNBC news shows … All In with Chris Hayes, the Rachel Maddow Show, the Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell … as news shows. Chris Hayes, I’ll give him this, covers a lot of news (his recent series on water use in the American Southwest was exceptionally […]


Back on the Bike, Grab Bag in Hand

I’m insanely jealous of a friend in Marin County who got serious about bicycling this year and lost all kinds of weight. So insanely jealous that I actually got on my bicycle this morning and rode 8.5 miles. A few months ago, before the summer heat descended upon Tucson, I’d been riding two to three […]