Convention Watching

I’m watching the Democratic National Convention. Last week I watched the Republican National Convention. I don’t want to give the impression I’m obsessive about politics, but the coming election’s an important one and I want to know what forces are in play. Last week I watched prime time coverage of the RNC in Cleveland on network TV and […]


And now, from the personal back to the political (even though my friends like the personal posts better). Re Trump’s shouty speech: loved this tweet in spite of not knowing what “underpants-gnoming” meant: Naturally, I looked it up. Google steered me to this video clip, which explains it perfectly: [youtube][/youtube] In the random but disturbing thoughts department, […]

Old Man Yells at Chair

Donna’s in Las Vegas for a week, Polly’s working, and I’m home alone with the critters. I thought I’d take advantage of all this freedom and go for a spin on one of the motorcycles this morning, but there are black clouds in every direction and here I sit at the keyboard instead. In the […]