Debating with Myself

All I could think, watching Obama and Romney debate last night, was how furious Bill Clinton must have been with Barack: “There! Right there! Call him on that! He’s lyin’! He can’t back that up! Now’s your chance! Go for the throat! Arrgh, what’s wrong with you tonight, son?” So many easy setups. So many […]

Makers and Takers

Gee, I’m not sure where Donna and I fall on Romney’s moocher scale. After all, 47 percent of Americans is a lot of people, and income-wise we’re closer to them than we are to the other end of the scale. Let’s see: Things we never took: food stamps, welfare Things we took: two federally-guaranteed student […]

Thursday Bag o’ Smirk

I didn’t fully see it until Romney started smirking during his press conference yesterday, but now I do: he’s another George W. Bush, and judging by his self-satisfied, uninformed comments on the administration’s actions during the attacks on our embassies in Libya and Egypt two days ago, every bit as smug and stupid. Well, all […]

Old Man Yells at Chair

Donna’s in Las Vegas for a week, Polly’s working, and I’m home alone with the critters. I thought I’d take advantage of all this freedom and go for a spin on one of the motorcycles this morning, but there are black clouds in every direction and here I sit at the keyboard instead. In the […]