Wednesday Bag o’ Bird Droppings

You may have noticed a trend here toward fewer topical posts. More and more, I write about life, books, and aviation. Two windows are always open on my desktop monitor: one is this blog, the other the draft of the memoir I plug away at. The personal rides shotgun these days; politics and current events ride […]

Linky Post: Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Nothing personal on the menu today, so here’s a dish of links & commentary: – ‘Underwear bomber’ was working for the CIA. The Guardian’s headline confused me. Like you, probably, I thought they were talking about the underwear bomber of 2009. This is a new underwear bomber, with exploding BVDs made by the same terrorist who was […]

Videos and Switches and Beards, Oh My

New links on the left sidebar: you can now see what I get up to on Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and YouTube. Speaking of YouTube, I edited the GoPro videos from last week’s motorcycle trip and put several short clips on my YouTube channel. Here’s one of the eleven videos I uploaded: You can check them all out here. Still experimenting with GoPro placement […]

How About a Free Guest Post?

I’m sure other bloggers get pitches like this all the time: I’m __________, owner of Since noticing you’ve accepted guest posts on in the past, I wondered if you’d extend me the opportunity to also write a guest post for your website. If so I will research and compose an original article specifically […]