Videos and Switches and Beards, Oh My

New links on the left sidebar: you can now see what I get up to on Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and YouTube. Speaking of YouTube, I edited the GoPro videos from last week’s motorcycle trip and put several short clips on my YouTube channel. Here’s one of the eleven videos I uploaded: You can check them all out here. Still experimenting with GoPro placement […]

Videoblogging Mt. Whitney

Here are three short YouTube videos I made by splicing sections of GoPro videos filmed while riding from Lone Pine, California to a trailhead on the eastern side of Mt. Whitney. My riding companions were Dave, a friend from Tucson who rides a BMW RT1200, and my son Gregory, riding a rented Indian Chief. We started […]

Hey, Baby

[youtube][/youtube] I thought this video, which has been widely shared on Twitter, would be all over Facebook by now, but so far no one in my small circle of friends has posted it. Too often, when women try to explain the sexual harassment they experience on the street, fending off or trying to ignore comments and […]

Friday Bag o’ Crashes

When they didn’t immediately locate the pilot of the Massachusetts Air Guard F-15 that crashed in West Virginia Wednesday morning, I figured he was dead. An eyewitness reported seeing a parachute, which led to hopes the pilot had ejected and survived, but since there’d been no radio contact with him I assumed he’d either been killed during the […]


We’re taking our grandson Quentin bicycling tomorrow morning.  Our friend Mary Anne is bringing along her granddaughter Jade.  To keep the kids entertained, I thought we’d mix bicycling with geocaching.  Turns out there are several caches near the park we’re meeting at tomorrow. Not wanting to embarrass myself in front of the children (or the adults), […]