Increasingly Thinking I Picked the Wrong Century to Quit Drinking

Why is everything so goddamn hard? Fucking coronavirus. It’s easy to understand why so many people want to pretend it’s no longer a threat and get back to normal life.

Thursday Bag o’ Sea Change

Last night, Rachel Maddow played an audio tape from yesterday’s Supreme Court hearings on the Defense of Marriage Act. On the tape, Chief Justice Roberts and an attorney advocating for marriage equality argued over the reason behind the “sea change” in the American public’s attitude toward same-sex marriage. Roberts thought the increasing social acceptance of same-sex […]


We’re taking our grandson Quentin bicycling tomorrow morning.  Our friend Mary Anne is bringing along her granddaughter Jade.  To keep the kids entertained, I thought we’d mix bicycling with geocaching.  Turns out there are several caches near the park we’re meeting at tomorrow. Not wanting to embarrass myself in front of the children (or the adults), […]