Stampede String

I wonder how many riders and drivers have crashed due to temporary sun blindness. It was a huge issue flying fighters, especially in a visual engagement, and I often wished for three hands: one for the throttles, one for the stick, and one to put between my eyes and the sun. […]


And Your Little Horse, Too

I’m enormously gratified to see Doug Jones win over the odious Roy Moore in yesterday’s Alabama special election. Values beat tribalism, but it was a squeaker. It shouldn’t have been as close as it was; if all Alabamians had turned out, Jones would have won by ten or more percentage points and there’d be no talk of recounts. […]


My Not-So-Secret Ballot

For me, voting was a slam dunk—with the exception of two ballot items, Pima County Treasurer and Arizona Proposition 205.

The incumbent county treasurer, a Republican, is running unopposed. After the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, led by a cabal of serial philanderers, I vowed never to vote for another Republican. I meant it and […]


Friday Bag o’ the Beast

How can we ensure every adult American gets a vote? National ID. […]


Tuesday Bag o’ Ballots

Thank you, Google Images! Click on the inset image if you’d like to see it larger.

I wasn’t old enough to vote for JFK, but I remember watching the Nixon/Kennedy debates and talking up the far more charismatic Kennedy with my junior high school classmates.

I came of voting age shortly before the 1968 presidential […]


Monday Bag o’ Anxiety

Just posted to Facebook: “If the candidate’s a legitimate asshole, the voter has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” Some of my friends’ll get the Todd Akin reference, some won’t. I’d like to believe most of my friends are informed voters, but some of their Facebook updates indicate otherwise.

By this time […]


Another Bag o’ Friday Happiness

Hey, I may not drink any more, but I still know what TGIF means to most Americans! And I can still dream (sob).

I feel like frying some fish filets tonight: catfish, red snapper, tilapia, whatever catches my eye. Good bread and a green vegetable to serve on the side, maybe Swiss chard … something […]


Snakes & Ladders

Consider the great gains we’ve made in this country: from universal suffrage to civil rights, from labor unions and protections for workers to minimum wages and unemployment insurance, from Social Security to Medicare, from free public education to womens’ athletics, from good highways to the postal system. If you follow the news you know that […]