The Great Catch-Up Begins

So. We’re back from our trip to Missouri, Illinois, and Ohio. We landed in Tucson late Friday night. I would have started updating this blog sooner, but first there was Saturday’s car show at the Gregory School, an annual event I try never to miss; a nine-to-five shift at my friend Ed’s garage Sunday, wrenching on my motorcycle; then my regular Monday of volunteer work at the air museum. In between outside events, I’ve been at the computer, uploading photos to Flickr (hundreds of them, literally).

The motorcycle isn’t done and I’ll have to spend more time at Ed’s during the week, but I’ll start blogging again with some photo posts and get back to regular posting as soon as I can. Here are a couple of teasers from our trip:

My ridiculously photogenic sisters Cece and Charlie, organizers of the Woodford family reunion in Cape Girardeau, Missouri
The surviving XB-70 Valkyrie, on display in the USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
Donna with her sister Georgianna at our B&B in Oberlin, Ohio

This one’s from Saturday:

Love those shiny hubcaps: Tucson Classics Car Show at the Gregory School

And this one’s from Sunday:

Heavy maintenance in Ed’s workshop, soon to get even heavier

I posted OTR (on the road) updates to Facebook while we were away, but otherwise didn’t spend much time there. Now that we’re back I’m inclined to spend even less time on social media … except, of course, for letting friends know when new blog posts are up.

When I last posted here, the contractor was partway through painting our house. We hoped he’d be done before we left, but it started pouring down rain. It kept raining after we left, and he wasn’t able to finish until a day or two before our return. What with getting in late Friday, we weren’t able to inspect his work until Saturday morning. I’m happy to report he did a fantastic job. It’s hard to photograph our entire house because there’s a big palo verde tree in the way, but here are two photos to show you the colors we settled on:

IMG_6614 IMG_6613

Our mail-in ballots came while we were away. I’m going to fill mine out and send it in this week. I sincerely hope you’re motivated and planning to vote as well. If ever there was a time to do it, it’s now.

More soon!

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