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Air-Minded: PASM Panoramas

I’ve been teaching myself to make panoramic montages from single photos. Lest you think this requires mastering some arcane art, I’ll admit up front that it’s actually easy.

I’ll start at the beginning, when I discovered the camera in my iPhone has a panoramic mode. The iPhone makes it easy; my first thought was “How [...]


Air-Minded: Moving Day at the Museum

During most of the years I flew fighters and trainers for the USAF, I never paid much thought to the disposition of aircraft on the ramp. We parked them when we were through with them; if maintenance needed to move them around on the ground afterward that was their problem. I was of course aware [...]


Air-Minded: PASM Photoblogging

It’s time I posted more photos from the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona. As a volunteer tour guide, I’m sometimes able to visit parts of the museum visitors don’t get to see. There’s always something interesting hidden away.

These two Japanese Kamikaze planes, for example. Until recently only the fuselages have been [...]


Air-Minded: a Shooting Star Photoblog

The American military’s T-Birds are all long retired, but many countries around the world still fly them. They may not be glamorous or fast, but they played an important role in the early jet age, and I write this post in tribute. [...]


Air-Minded: Giant Arrows

A few weeks ago I posted an entry about Lindy lights, the light beacons that helped airmail pilots in the 1920s and 30s navigate at night. A friend sent me a link to another blogger’s post about early aerial navigation aids. Did you know that in addition to the beacon lights, there were also giant [...]


Air-Minded: the Presentation

This is a placeholder until they send me the digitized tape of the F-15 presentation I gave to Pima Air & Space Museum volunteers and staff two weeks ago. It’s a PDF of my Powerpoint slides, sans notes and video (you’ll have to imagine my commanding presence and dulcet voice for now):

Here’s the video, [...]


Mr. Woodford’s Lecture

I live to serve, and it’s time I got back to work. [...]


Perigee Moon

That’s my excuse for neglecting the blog this week: the tidal pull on my cranial fluids. Well, that and our grandson’s visit, which is going swimmingly well. I mean that literally: we’ve spent more time in the water in one week than we normally do in an entire summer.

Speaking of perigee moons, here it [...]