Air-Minded: IL-2 Restoration Photoblog

Work continues on Pima Air & Space Museum’s IL-2 Shturmovik. The fuselage is largely finished, the engine is in, the wings have been fabricated from original blueprints and are awaiting installation, and the propeller, damaged when the Shturmovik’s pilot crash-landed on a frozen lake near the Russian village of Zamejie on January 28, 1944, is being hammered back into shape.

Mikulin AM-38F engine installed (photo: PASM)
IL-2 completed fuselage (photo: PASM)
IL-2 prop blades as recovered (photo: Paul Woodford)
IL-2 prop blade being straightened (photo: PASM)
IL-2 prop blades on hub (photo: PASM)

If Wikipedia is correct, when PASM’s IL-2 is restored it will be one of only ten on display worldwide (out of over 36,000 built during WWII, making the IL-2 the most-produced aircraft in history).

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