April 2014
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Monday Bag o’ PC

I’ve been thinking about political correctness lately. The legend on the bag says “Political correctness killed soldiers at Ft Hood.” Really?

We all know what happened at Fort Hood in 2009: a single gunman, an Army major serving as a psychiatrist, killed 13 of his fellow troops and injured 30. He was Arab-American and Muslim; [...]


Tuesday Bag o’ Grumpiness

Confidently awaiting a new round of News at Ten hysteria over teenagers burning out their stomachs after quaffing liquid nitrogen cocktails. Do you know what your children are drinking?

So sick, so very sick of the 24/7 media focus on the recent presidential candidates’ debate. Yes, Obama did poorly. Yes, Romney told a pack of [...]


Traffic Jam on Toast

Home again, winding down from the elevated level of tension that comes with staying alert while driving long distances and dealing with traffic. How much distance? About 2,500 miles. How much traffic? Be glad you don’t live or work in Los Angeles. Yes, we were there, and yes, it’s that bad. It’s that bad in [...]


Mini-Gypsy Tour 2012

Route 66 near Seligman, Arizona

Yeah, that’s what I’ll call it, a mini-gypsy tour, and add 2012 because it’ll probably be the only big ride I’ll take this year. A friend of mine rides coast to coast, 5,000 or more miles at a whack, at least once each year. What can I say? I [...]


Thursday Odds & Ends

I shouldn’t say odds & ends. It sounds too final. What I should say is odds, ends, & re-beginnings. Is re-beginnings a word? Sure, why the hell not?

In Wyoming, during 8th and 9th grade, I had a best buddy. I moved to California but we kept in touch, and when I graduated from high [...]


Truth & Truthiness

So Ira Glass touched a Daisey and got his fingers singed.* Glass, host of the popular National Public Radio show This American Life, aired Mike Daisey’s The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, a monologue about working conditions at Apple’s suppliers in China. Glass and his staff at This American Life thought Daisey’s assertions [...]


Friday Bag o’ Fries

Arizona, my Arizona (and you thought I only made fun of the fine folks of Cape Girardeau, Missouri) … the city of Prescott approves a college senior’s project to build a bench in a public park. Among the mosaic tile designs on the bench are a Star of David and a peace symbol. The city [...]


Our Whorish Media

Hard to read, I know, so here’s what the highlighted sections say:

First version, published Saturday 1 Oct at 6:59 PM Eastern:

After allowing them onto the bridge, the police cut off and arrested dozens of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators.

Revised version, published Saturday 1 Oct at 7:19 PM Eastern:

In a tense showdown [...]