Boys’ Weekend 2011

Photoblogging last weekend’s ride with my son Gregory in southern Nevada and northwestern Arizona, 500 hard but beautiful miles on two new BMWs:

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Ride Report: BMW K 1600 GTL (Updated)

I’ve wanted to ride BMW’s new six-cylinder flagship touring bike ever since it came out. Last weekend I had my chance: two days and over 500 miles on a 2011 K 1600 GTL.

BMW K 1600 GTL (Greg's K 1300 S in background)

I’d driven up to Las Vegas to spend Thanksgiving with my […]


Thanksgiving Means Family

Well, it does, doesn’t it? We drove to Las Vegas to spend Thanksgiving and the weekend with our son, daughter in law, granddaughter, and grandson. To make the family gathering complete, our daughter Polly came with us. We got in Wednesday evening and headed home Monday, sans Polly, who stayed behind in Las Vegas to […]


Weekend Update

We drove to our son Gregory’s house in Las Vegas Wednesday; me Donna, Polly, and Schatzi. We’re spending the weekend with Greg, our daughter-in-law Beth, and our grandkids Taylor and Quentin.

I’d post a photo here but I’m hunting and pecking this out on an iPad and I can’t get WordPress to “see” the photos […]


What a World We Live In

We try to keep the world from intruding on our happy lives, but sometimes all defenses fail. I don’t mean to make light of what happened at UC Davis, and god knows the photo itself is horrifying, but this photoshop somehow makes the latest pepper spraying incident all the more Orwellian:

What […]


You Can’t Read That!

You Can’t Read That! is a periodic post featuring news about banned and challenged books.

They changed Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn to get rid of a word everyone used in the 1880s. They they went after Tintin in the Congo for drawings that reflected 1930s racial stereotypes. Now they’re going after another notorious racist […]


Goatheads and Authoritarians

I just ended the longest no-flats streak I’ve had since taking up bicycling again a few years ago. The culprit: the dreaded goathead, a thorn that detaches itself from the devil tree it grows on and then, through some kind of plant/asphalt magnetism, migrates unerringly to the nearest bicycle path.

What amazed me, once I […]


Looking Up the Recipe for Python Stuffing

We’re spending Thanksgiving in Las Vegas with our son and his family. We won’t hit the road until next Wednesday … which means we weren’t there yesterday for our grandson Quentin’s 9th birthday. Gregory and Beth hired an animal wrangler to entertain Quentin and his guests. What a great idea! There were snakes, snapping turtles, […]