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September 2016
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Dog Days

It’s National Dog Day. Everybody gets a belly rub!

While we’re at it, let me plug a favorite Twitter account, @DogSolutions.

So peace. Such soothe. Deg best antidote to times of hate.

My cell phone rings all the time now. Spam, scams, once in a while someone calling the Tucson Police Department’s seized […]


Paulgram, Instagram, Abstigram

Did you know I write email newsletters from time to time? They’re called PaulGrams, and I just sent one out this morning. You have to subscribe to get them; the signup box is on the left sidebar under PaulGram (duh). Just enter your email address and click “Subscribe” (duh again). Don’t worry, I won’t flood […]


In One End, Out the Other

We got a safety recall notice on our GMC pickup. Actually, two of them: one about a potentially bad trailer hitch, the other about a defective part in the seatbelt mechanism. I took it in this morning. The service rep said they’d fix the seatbelts and inspect the hitch, and if the hitch was bad […]


Wednesday Update: Hash Fish, Sex Slaves, Extreme Carelessness

This is a hash fish emblem. It’s a Hash House Harrier thing. We once bought a dozen, giving some to friends who are also hashers but keeping several for our own cars. Two of my motorcycles and at least six of our cars and trucks have sported hash fish. Currently every vehicle in our garage […]


Saturday Bag o’ Brexit

Q, our grandson, has been here the past week, bunking in our home office. I barged in this morning to check email and update the blog. While I was at it, we took a selfie.

It’s been a domestic week, watching young people’s stuff on TV (Battlebots, which was too frenetic to endure; Zootopia, clever […]


Magic 8 Ball No Use at All (Updated)

When I blogged about our automotive history a few weeks ago, I thought it’d be years before we had to buy another car. I may have to update that post.

Donna called yesterday afternoon. She had drifted off the road and hit a cactus. After ascertaining that she was fine, my second question was whether […]


The Woodford Automobile Museum: a Pictorial Guide (Updated 6/29/16)

I wrote this post in 2009, seven years ago. At some point between then and now I maxed out the storage space on my server. To make room for more blog posts I moved photos from the server to a Flickr account. Apparently I forgot to move the photos that went with this post, because […]


My Not-So-Wild-One Motorcycling History

This post is from September 2008. According to my blog stats it still gets lots of hits, so I took a glance at it today … to my horror, all the photos were missing. It’s fixed now, and I’m going to put it at the top of the queue.

Lately I haven’t written much about […]