Criminalism Is the New Birtherism

During October’s visitor onslaught, one of our guests came packing a cold. She passed it on to Donna, then her own daughter, then me, then another guest. The only one to escape was our granddaughter Taylor, whose visit coincided with the weekend Typhoid Mary was away on a side trip. Donna’s better now, as am I. […]

Five Minutes of Fame

Geeky but funny. A couple of nights ago I read a tweet from a guy who was having a run-in with a birther. In another tweet, the birther left a link to his website. I clicked on it. Hey, who wouldn’t jump on the opportunity to get the TRUTH about Obama? One glance and I knew I wouldn’t find it here: What followed […]

Thursday Bag o’ Cautious Optimism

Parents of adult children should be able to relate to this: our 40-year-old daughter Polly left her boyfriend in late June and moved in with us. It’s just until she gets back on her feet, we told ourselves. Since then she’s been employed three times: once for two weeks, once for two days, once for […]

Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

Three furious headlines: Chris Matthews Backs Anti-Abortion Shill Into A Corner Allen West Blasts ‘Misconceived’ Policy On Women In Combat S. Korean Authorities’ Fascist Oppression Flayed The first is from a leftie site called Crooks & Liars; the second from a right-leaning site called Mediaite; the third from North Korea’s Central News Agency. Each one […]