Fourth Rule of Cooking Club

Don’t overload electrical circuits.

Members of our cooking club met last night at the home of Magret de Canard for our second attempt at a do-it-yourself dinner, this time to cook our own meats and vegetables on raclette grills. Everyone had a role to play in preparing dinner beforehand: Houskový took charge of the roasted […]


Grilled Pork Loin Roast

A few months ago Ditalini picked up a marked-down 10-pound pork loin roast at the supermarket. No way could the two of us could eat anything that large, but it was too good a bargain to pass up, so we put it in the freezer to save for Thanksgiving, when we knew we’d have several […]


Rotisserie Chicken

This is really good: juicy, tender chicken with great flavor, and although preparation requires planning ahead, it really isn’t any work at all.

Ditalini carvine our rotisserie chicken

As previously noted, Ditalini bought me an electric rotisserie for the new gas grill, and I used it for the first time today. Friends recommended brining […]


Salad with Grilled Salmon

Ditalini came up with this great grilled salmon salad. She makes the salad and dressing; I grill the salmon.

Ingredients (Salad)

mixed salad greens red/yellow/green salad peppers, sliced red onion, sliced cherry tomatoes, whole green & black olives, pitted mozarella cheese

Ingredients (Salmon)

1 lb salmon filet 1 tbsp butter 3-4 tbsp honey chopped […]


Jerk Pork Medallions with Brussels Sprouts & Potatoes

I felt like cooking last night, and I also felt like something new, so I decided to marinate pork medallions in jerk sauce and grill them. Potatoes and Brussels sprouts sounded like the perfect side dishes. It wasn’t too hard, it was fun to cook, and best of all it was a really great meal.



Another Rotisserie Chicken

Ditalini was going to the store this morning, so I asked her to pick up a chicken. She came home with a free range organic fryer that cost three times as much as the typical factory chicken, but we felt better about eating it — can you tell we watched Food, Inc. the other night?



Beer Can Chicken on the Barbie

Beer can chicken on the barbie (with sweet potatoes)

Everybody has a barbecue beer can chicken recipe. How is mine different? It isn’t, but I’ll try to make up for that by discussing good techniques for cooking it.


whole fryer chicken seasoning half a can of beer


Remove the giblets, rinse and […]


Italian Family Barbecue Revisited

Here’s the original recipe, if you want the details.

Grilled artichoke, polenta with onions & peppers, Italian sausage

A few variations this time around. We recently bought a new gas grill, and in my zeal to protect it and make it last forever, I’m using grilling pans and sheets. You can see them in […]


Black & Red Fish

Trying to lower your cholester oil? Try some black & red fish! Aren’t eggcorns fun? I crack myself up!

Okay, seriously . . . I mentioned in an earlier entry that the side burner on our new gas grill was rather too hot for sautéeing vegetables, but that it might be perfect for blackened redfish, […]


First Use

I bought Ditalini allowed me to buy an electric rotisserie for the new Weber gas grill, and I’ve been looking around for something to use it on. Friends recommended I brine and rub a chicken, then cook it on the spit, so that’s what I’m doing.

The chicken is in the brine (3/4 cups kosher […]