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Family & Friends


There are a lot of cooking blogs on the net. Why start another one? Because my wife Ditalini and I love to cook. Because I love to blog. Because we love you. Why, indeed?

Ditalini & Crouton deMenthe

So here’s Crouton’s Kitchen.

The recipes we’ll post here will be for meals Ditalini and I cook in our own kitchen, for ourselves or to share with family and friends.

We invite you to comment on recipes, ask questions, or share recipes of your own.

Thanks for visiting Crouton’s Kitchen!

Family & Friends

Occasionally readers ask me about the names on this blog. A bit of explanation is in order.

When I started Crouton’s Kitchen I decided, in the manner of early bloggers, to use noms de plume. I’m Crouton de Menthe, my wife (the real cook) is Ditalini. In Crouton’s Kitchen, everyone has a nom de plume.

Here’s a Who’s Who of family & friends you’ll meet in Crouton’s Kitchen:

The deMenthe Family

  • Crouton deMenthe (moi)
  • Ditalini deMenthe (wife, maiden name della Fagioli)
  • Escargot deMenthe (daughter)
  • Baguette deMenthe (son)
  • Truffle deMenthe (daughter in law)
  • Biscotto deMenthe (grandaughter)
  • Pesce deMenthe (grandson)
  • Radicchio della Fagioli (Ditalini’s aunt)
  • Chateaubriand deMenthe (Crouton’s father, RIP)
  • Shinken deMenthe (beloved dachshund)
  • Ubriaco deMenthe (beloved auxiliary dachshund)
  • Mortadella deMenthe (beloved dachshund, RIP)
  • Peolso deMenthe (horrible but beloved old cat, RIP)

Friends of Crouton’s Kitchen & Contributors

  • Soufflé al Dente
  • Fagiolo al Dente
  • Gina Cannoli
  • Lengua Cannoli
  • Bock Wurst
  • Poulet en Crote
  • Calamari en Crote
  • Osso Bucco (RIP)
  • Pomme Frites
  • Fritzie Frites
  • Moules Frites
  • Remoulade Sausee
  • Guido Trattoria
  • Sophia Trattoria
  • Pomodoro Calde
  • Bangers N. Mash
  • Tex “Mex” Mash
  • Grissini Asperagi
  • Gusti Come Pollo
  • Magret de Canard
  • Tiburón Ceviche
  • Camarón Ceviche
  • Manzo Spezzatino
  • Anitra Spezzatino
  • Houskový Knedlík (RIP)
  • Manzo Bistecca
  • Legume Burgoo
  • Lambchop Burgoo (RIP)
  • Recto Alpaso
  • Manière d’un Chien
  • Giacomo “Hercules” Mandriano
  • Giuseppe “Pastoso” Mandriano
  • Hermana Gazpacho

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