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Which stands for “To the grill . . . it’s Friday!” around maison deMenthe.  Friday’s menu: grilled veggies, grilled zucchini & squash, grilled boneless ribeye steaks.

My old Coleman grill, ready for the scrapyard
My old Coleman grill, ready for the scrapyard

I’ve described grilling veggies before, here.  Last night I used small potatoes, chopped carrots, a quartered yellow onion, and peeled garlic cloves, brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with dried rosemary.  It takes about half an hour to cook the veggies on a covered grill at medium heat, opening the lid every ten minutes to flip them with a long spatula so they don’t get black on one side.

I sliced the squash & zucchini lengthwise and brushed them with olive oil, and didn’t put them on the top rack until it was time to put the steaks on.

The steaks were marinated in Aloha Barbecue Sauce for a couple of hours, with plenty of fresh ground black pepper and garlic powder. Ditalini likes her steak rare, about five minutes per side; I like mine medium well, about six minutes per side.

We enjoyed an action movie on DVD with our red meat dinner.  What could be better?


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