Thanksgiving 2016

Our son Gregory, daughter-in-law Beth, and grandson Quentin are here from Las Vegas. Our daughter Polly is here too. The only missing family member is our granddaughter Taylor, who had to stay in Vegas and work, but she was here in early October and we had a good visit.

Dinner included the traditional turkey with […]



Good lord, the scammers aren’t even trying any more. And why should they? They could post photos of used Kleenex or sidewalk cracks, ask us to “share” or “like” them to prevent cancer, and most of us would do it. […]


Tuesday Bag o’ Beans

Some time last week it got cold. No autumn lead-in, just straight to winter. Oh, maybe a little: over a ten-day period nighttime temperatures started dropping down into the 40s, but we were still hitting 90 during the day. Nothing I would call autumn, in any case. Then, wham, it’s freezing at night and everyone […]


Me & My Deskbuddy™

I’m sitting here with my Deskbuddy™ 1.0, enjoying the quiet afternoon that comes after a busy Friday night and Saturday morning.

Deskbuddy™ 1.0 (where does the USB cable plug in?)

Polly went on a date earlier in the week, and last night the young man (her age, twice divorced, with children … […]