The Old Gray Mare, She Ain’t What She Used to Be

Maybe we did dodge a bullet this time, but do you hear that metallic clicking? That’s the firing squad, reloading. […]


Visitors in the Neighborhood

When I walk Mister B in the morning, I try to remember to carry my cell phone. It’s good to have a camera handy, and the one in my phone takes a decent photo. […]


I Hereby Order … Oh, Never Mind

I don’t want to be That Person, the one who complains about Southwest Asia call centers, but there were, ah, accent difficulties on both sides. […]


This Epstein Thing

I don’t want to believe anybody who ever knew Jeffrey Epstein was complicit in forcing minors into sex. But if the investigation survives his suicide and it turns out some or all of Epstein’s acquaintances and friends were complicit, well then let the guilty be named and judged. […]


Eight-Legged T-Shirt Marauders, Oh My! (Updated 8/19/19)

Polly came home late last night and found a small tarantula at our front door. I took its photo because in spite of living in the Sonora Desert we don’t see them all that often. So if it’s all the same to you I’m taking this sighting as a good omen. […]


Dearest Beloveth

I forgot about this old post from eight years ago until this morning when a comment spammer tried to piggyback on it. I think it holds up well! —Paul

Found poetry, composed of subject lines from spam email sent to my Yahoo! account:

#FIRSTNAME# hey, With due respect, Hi. I want a business partner.

Open […]


Any Lap in a Storm

Southern Arizona has a monsoon season. It runs from mid-June to the end of September. This is when the 100-year rains come. We lived in Phoenix during the summer and fall of 1978 and had two of them back to back. […]


Tuesday Update

Well, it don’t get more personal than that. I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable. It certainly did me. […]