Mandatory Birthday Post

My birthday, once again. I’ll be completely honest with you: I’m 66 years old today. To me, people in their 70s are old. I don’t care how many well-meaning people say 70 is the new 60, 70 is old. And my 70s loom ever closer.

So I have a proposal, one I think my fellow […]


Photoblogging Maynards

We go walking in downtown Tucson every Monday night. The event is called Meet Me at Maynards, but I always think of it as “Meet Meat Maynards” since their web domain is It’s a kind of dyslexia, I think.

The walks no longer start and end at Maynards but across the street at the […]


Under the Weather

I saw this on Twitter last night:

Hurricane Sandy floodwaters rush down elevator shaft into NYC subway station

So many fake photos of Hurricane Sandy running around, but this one seems real. One of my vivid 1950s movie memories is from a cheap sci-fi flick called The Deadly Mantis. In one scene USAF jet […]


What Are the Odds?

Two very dear friends were injured in a car accident a couple of days ago. We don’t have all the details, but Donna, who was driving, suffered a smashed foot along with a broken elbow and nose. It’s her husband Burt, the passenger, we’re worried sick about. Broken hip, femur, ribs, and possibly a shoulder; […]


Another Birthday Creation from Darrell

Our friend Darrell is so inventive with his birthday card creations. Last night he amazed me again with these pumpkin cards. The occasion was an early birthday dinner for me and our friend Rudy at Mary Ann’s house.

My great Pauls are Bunyan, Ru, Ryan (strictly for his ironic value, Darrell explained), […]


How Many Personalities Does One Person Need?

I write three blogs, and it’s a bit like having multiple personalities. Okay, not really. But sort of.

Anyway, I mentioned on one of my other blogs that I had to miss an event because of the bicycle race I volunteered to help out with last weekend, linking to a post on this blog. One […]


Sunday Bag o’ SAG

Donna and I, with our friends Darrell, Mary Ann, and Mary Ann’s granddaughter Jade, volunteered to set up and man the main SAG stop on today’s GABA Tumacacori Century bicycle race.

Since my last entry, by dint of tireless research (Google), I have learned that SAG is an acronym after all, standing for Support and […]


Thursday Bag o’ Smugness

We volunteered again (as we did last year) to man a sag stop for a bicycle race, Sunday’s Tumacacori Century. Does “sag” stand for anything? I don’t know. We’ll be setting up tables under a big shady tree near the intersection of I-19 and the Arivaca Road, then handing out water, Gatorade, fruit, granola bars, […]