What Are the Odds?

Two very dear friends were injured in a car accident a couple of days ago.  We don’t have all the details, but Donna, who was driving, suffered a smashed foot along with a broken elbow and nose. It’s her husband Burt, the passenger, we’re worried sick about. Broken hip, femur, ribs, and possibly a shoulder; more seriously a severe concussion and numerous facial wounds and fractures. They’re in Marin County, California and while we can’t be there with them, many friends are. When I last talked to one of our mutual friends, she was waiting at Marin General Hospital while Donna was in surgery for her foot. Burt was (and still is) on a ventilator, being kept in a comatose state while the doctors wait to see how bad things are for him and how much they can do. All we can do is wait and hope, and alert close friends so that they can pitch in some hope as well.

Normally I wouldn’t think about the odds, but I’m struck by the fact that until now it’s been years since we’ve had a friend or family member involved in a serious car accident. With over thirty thousand deaths and a couple of million injuries serious enough to require hospital treatment each year (link), every one of those victims part of a circle of family and friends, you’d think the rest of us would be in a constant state of grief or worry. Life is so fragile; driving is so dangerous; friends and family are so precious.

Sorry to post glum news. I hope I have better news to report soon.

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