Are There Bridges Between Here and Las Vegas?

We’re hitting the road in the morning, driving to Las Vegas for a weekend with our son and his family. Polly will be in charge of the house and Mister B while we’re away. We thought we’d booked a pet-friendly hotel at Lake Las Vegas but the fine print on the confirmation email says “no […]

Sewers Not Walls

I don’t know how many readers look at older posts here at Paul’s Thing, but if you do you might have noticed most of the photos are gone. The graphics and photos I use here link to originals stored on Flickr. Three days ago I tried to upload new photos: my account had vanished, along […]

Bridge over Troubled Waters

I’m happier this morning than I’ve been in nearly two weeks. My cold is finally on the run. I’ve been off the non-prescription meds for two days now, Kleenex consumption is dropping to pre-cold levels, and after days of drinking hot tea with honey I’m craving coffee again. Whew! In the past I wouldn’t have […]

Under the Weather

I saw this on Twitter last night: So many fake photos of Hurricane Sandy running around, but this one seems real. One of my vivid 1950s movie memories is from a cheap sci-fi flick called The Deadly Mantis. In one scene USAF jet pilots strafe it, only to watch it dive into the Hudson River. […]