On the General Coarsening of Society

Speaking of bringing society down, why is it that whenever I see a sexually crude, grossly inappropriate post on Facebook, it was put there by a fellow Hash House Harrier? What are we, a pack of sniggering 13-year-olds? […]


Danger at the Door

Finally saw my first Kentucky Derby … actually my first horse race of any kind. Now here’s a televised sport I can endure while pretending to be as into it as everyone else in the room. I can do anything if I only have to do it for two minutes! […]


Busting Up the Tearoom Trade (Updated 3/22/19)

… all this happened 30 years ago, at a time when gay servicemen and women were actively pursued, identified, and forced out (usually with dishonorable discharges). […]


Air-Minded: Ode to Mr. Moto

Ode to Mr. Moto!

Six Mitsubishis — with bombs all set to slide — The sailor gave his guns a squirt — and there were only five. Five Jap bombers thirsting still for gore, Our N.A. blipped another burst, and now — there’s only four. Four grim and deadley Nipponese droned o’er the Eastern […]


I Hate to See a Baby Seal Grow Old (Updated 10/24/17)

(Update: 10/24/17): Last night I read about the awarding of a no-bid contract to restore Puerto Rico’s power grid (awarded to a two-year-old company that had two employees when Hurricane Maria hit the PR just over a month ago, and is situated in Interior Secretary Zinke’s home town), and started thinking about corruption.

My initial […]


Musical Dog Chairs

Here are the doggies in their doggie seats, now mounted in the new truck. We’ve taken them on three short in-town excursions and so far they’re happy to ride in the back. As soon as we take a longer trip, I know they’ll want to sit up front again. For now though, it’s a new […]


Tuesday Bag o’ Hostility

When people say they want the homeless problem to go away, I wonder if they know what they’re really asking for. […]


Monday Bag o’ Nuts & Bolts

If you checked in on Twitter any time during the past week, you probably saw multiple references to the Grantland story. Grantland, an online magazine associated with ESPN, ran an article about “Dr. V,” the mysterious woman behind Yar Golf.

The journalist, Caleb Hannan, set out to write about a radical new putter taking the […]