Air-Minded: Manly Men, Revisited

From CNN, today: Pentagon Cancels Drag Show at Air Force Base as Pride Month Begins.

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Oh, boy, here we go again. This’ll fuel another round of homophobic attacks on wokeism from the deplorables, of course, but it’s the reaction of the military aviation community I’m thinking about, the fighter community in particular. It’s gonna be the 67th TFS Fighting Cocksuckers all over again, this time with every Air Force fighter pilot and WSO as the butt of snide remarks and innuendo. What’ll they start calling Fighter Weapons School at Nellis? God, I hate to think. Or Red Flag exercises, hosted at Nellis? Red Hanky Flag in the Right Pocket? If military installations have gender and sexuality, Nelllis AFB is as cis as they come. Was, now, I guess. Doubtfire Field, anyone?

You probably think I’m being immature. Have you met any fighter pilots lately?

Hey, I’ve done drag. As an Air Force fighter pilot, no less. You could even say I’ve been the star of a drag show. Which would make me a Drag Queen. I performed at a squadron party at Soesterberg Air Base in 1980, playing the role of our commander’s secretary Robin, wearing a dress and a wig, with two balloons stuffed down my blouse. To thunderous applause, I might add, from an audience of manly men fighter jocks. Never mind the Hash House Harrier Red Dress Runs I participated in while still on active duty. Somehow my reputation survived, so maybe there’s hope for the Air Force fighter community and Nellis AFB.

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