Long Live the Blog

… when I look at what passes today for free online and electronically-delivered written content … long posts that nobody reads on Facebook, threaded posts on Twitter, Tumblr and Storify accounts, email newsletters … it’s hard to figure out why these forms are any better than the traditional weblog. […]


Don’t Answer, It’s the Phone

… we were raised by parents who thought answering the phone with an anonymous hello was rude. We were taught to answer by saying “Woodford residence,” similar to the way receptionists answer with a cheery “Doctor Smith’s office,” or “Acme Plumbing.” […]


Tuesday Bag o’ Small News

Well, this has been a thoroughly domestic post, hasn’t it? I find I have nothing worth saying about outside news and events. People in the news are being awful as usual, but down at this lowly un-newsworthy level I’m trying to be better. […]


Dawn Patrol

These are the best mornings. Up early, walking through the neighborhood while it’s still cool, policing the back yard for dog poop, coffee and a hot muffin for breakfast, a devoted dog by my side, the rest of the morning mine to write, read, or whatever I want to do. […]


I Hereby Order … Oh, Never Mind

I don’t want to be That Person, the one who complains about Southwest Asia call centers, but there were, ah, accent difficulties on both sides. […]


Dearest Beloveth

I forgot about this old post from eight years ago until this morning when a comment spammer tried to piggyback on it. I think it holds up well! —Paul

Found poetry, composed of subject lines from spam email sent to my Yahoo! account:

#FIRSTNAME# hey, With due respect, Hi. I want a business partner.

Open […]


Here Be Bitmojis

I joined a closed Facebook community called “A Group Where We Pretend to be Boomers.” As you’d expect, members are baby boomers who make fun of themselves by posting as if they don’t understand the first thing about computers, email, the internet, and social media. To me, that’s more of a “greatest generation” thing, but I do know boomers my age who fit the stereotype well. But hey, isn’t Facebook mostly a boomer thing anyway? Aren’t all the youngsters on Snapfilter or whatever? […]


Wind Noise

Donna and I went for a motorcycle ride Saturday. I attached a GoPro to the top of my helmet and recorded the good part, the ride up to Kitt Peak National Observatory and back down again. Later I cut several 30-second bits from the longer video and spliced them together in three short clips. This […]